Next Saturday we are running an Off Bike Workshop from 10:30 to 13:30 at Launceston Football Club.  There will also be refreshments and CAKE, and also a stall with pre-loved kit.

We have visitors! A Team from Passion Fit Coaching based in Cheltenham are coming to talk to us: Loren Ward is their Head Coach, Tom Ward is their Coaching Strategy Creator and Lydia Dant is a Coach and Professional Triathlete.

Merwyn has been working with the team from Passion Fit and she thinks that our club and our members will really benefit from from their refreshing attitude to self progression on (and off) our bikes

“We are a group of like minded female cyclists who have come together to be part of the Widger Spoke Easies. For some of us, this is to make new friends, for others it’s exercise accountability, maybe it’s learning the area around us, enjoying the outdoors or even just for the cake 🤔. And some of us ride to compete.

Historically, there is a pattern in the evolution of our members: over time, we might start thinking about challenges that we would like to achieve with our cycling: sportives, having a go at a local time trial / hill climb, riding a century (100k or 100 miles), making the jump across to a quicker pace group on club rides, doing a multi-day event like CHSW or entering a triathlon. Maybe you want to be a ride leader or a coach. There is a lot to think about when it comes to something you would like to achieve. But it’s not just about the physical effort on the bike. Psychology is a massive part of your progress and the pathway to success: the way you think and deal with your thoughts has a massive impact on how you ride and ultimately whether you achieve your PERSONAL ambitions”.

Loren, Tom and Lydia have a lot to offer us and we really want the club and our members to benefit.

The workshop with Passion Fit is off bike, but we are going to run a couple of rides afterwards: Most probably divided into Quickers and Steadies depending on numbers. Our visitors are going to join the rides too if they can. The rides will leave at 2:30 pm, and we will need a few leaders if you can offer.

Parking: please park at the far end of the football club car park. The top end will be busy. You can leave your cars at LFC while you ride.

There will be an extra page added to the sign on sheet for the workshop.