My First Ever Oke CC – from Nikki D
10 Miler Summer TT Race 2023

Starting from Bridestowe to Lewdown and back.

Being a member of the widgers I set myself different challenges each year and one of those was taking part in a TT race… this event is helping me with my fitness and also my training for the CHSW ride in July

It was a great experience entering my first TT, I was not nervous at all and just felt like it was a normal widger ride but just wanted to get ahead of those behind me and hopefully keep them behind me !! … I just kept my pedals turning and got around the course as quickly as I could ..

The widgers kindly offer us subsidy for the first two races, and I hope this encourages more of you to take part as it is a wonderful experience not only for yourself but being part of the “pink” posse !!!