It has come to our attention that 2023 sees a veritable rash of significant birthdays within our Club that need to be celebrated. Properly.
So with the permission of the sexagenarians (not what you think you filthy minded lot) and septuagenarians, we have dedicated all day on Saturday 20th May to ride bikes, paint the Tarka Trail pink, eat cake and laugh.
All of us but especially those born in or around 1953 and 1963. And Dom the Broom Wagon who has no choice in the matter.
A relaxed and social trundle on the Tarka Trail from Meeth to Crow Point and back totalling threescore miles. That’s 60. Or Thereabouts. Half in one direction and half in the other. Nutrition and hydration will be serviced with a group lunch at Fremington Quay and a picnic afternoon tea on the return leg, with thanks to Dom who has no choice in the matter. There are lots of loos along the way. There’s even a tunnel for the Hobby Tunnelists amongst us.
Starting at Meeth where we have made special, one off Widger arrangements with regards to parking to make sure we don’t get padlocked in or out and our vehicles will be secure. By all means co-ordinate car sharing amongst yourselves. If you want to jump on or off the Widger Train at any point for a shorter day out, that’s fine but use the sign on sheet to tell us what/where/when.
Here is the W3W link for navigation to the parking:
09:30 prompt through to late afternoon / early evening. As Cheeseballs told me, “it’s a full day out with no specific end in sight, especially for Dom the Broomwagon”.

You need to add your name to the sign on sheet. all we have done is create a third tab across the bottom of the weekly sign on sheet. It’s there this week and it will reappear next week too:
If you plan to arrive late / depart early, we need that information. If you need a map of the trail with car parks etc, visit
Your bike, helmet, shoes, water bottles, lights for the tunnel. A bike bell will be useful though not essential. Waterbottle top ups will be available from Dom in the Broomwagon, who has no choice in the matter.
A small ‘day rucksack’ containing sunscreen, lip salve, vital medication, warmer or cooler clothing. Pop your name on it too for lost property. Basically any essential that you feel you can’t do without that normally lives in your bulging pockets / bar bag. It will live in the van with Dom, who has no choice in the matter. Mandy, please do not bring your sink, porta loo or aga. North Devon has reasonable sanitary hygiene and running water. Lipstick will be tolerated, though application will be restricted to no more than 13 times.
A small blanket or picnic rug with your name on it so you can sit on it and not get a damp chamois when we stop for an alfresco afternoon tea on the way back. The rugs will be stowed in the van with Dom, who has no choice in the matter.
Money for lunch at Fremington Quay – they are going to give us a group menu and you will need to pay for this yourselves.
Afternoon tea will be a DIY affair: strawberries, prosecco, scones and cream subsidised by the club kitty. Celery sticks for those identifying as athletes. If you want actual tea or something other than the above, you will need to dip into your own pockets and buy it from the cafe.
If you can bake or bring scones, please let Brie know, that will keep costs down. And you can give them to Dom to put in the van, he has no choice in the matter.
Lastly, most of the ride is traffic free but there is a small bit on a road and apparently there’s an Oasis at Crow Point (foliage not Britpop).
E bikes: spare a thought for battery range since it’s 60+ miles.
Weather: if the forecast stipulates airborne cats and dogs, we will let you know by 6 pm on Friday evening if we have to cancel.

Ok, that’s it I’m sure there will be questions. Please come and join in the fun: we all know that Brie organises a banger of a party. Lots of hard work pulling this together and we want to make it special for the Birthday Crew.

With thanks
The Committee

PS can you ➡ to the forum with your questions in and around this, not here.

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