The annual Holsworthy Peleton Big Charity bike ride, this year was in aid of the Devon Air Ambulance, and 20 or so Widgers gathered at the HP clubhouse along with other local clubs to raise funds and to enjoy a grand day out, making a total of around 100 riders going for either the 40 mile or 62 mile circuits.
The clever organisers at the cycle club had painstakingly gone around the courses indicating the route not with signs but with small painted arrows discreetly sprayed on the road to indicate upcoming turnings, leaving no doubt about the direction for those of us without the technology on board.
With an unseasonably soggy start, after the first few miles the rain jackets were packed away and the weather for the remainder of the ride was pleasant enough. Setting off in random groups and discovering quickly that some were better able to keep up a speedier pace than us and finding our ‘level’ when Sue and Val (more B steadies) arrived at the half-way point feeding station. The route was variable with only a couple of really annoying hills with some truly shocking potholes but on the whole the going was good. (Elevation 2,800ft in 40miles and 4,900ft in 62 miles.) Passing and then being passed by other groups, stopping for drink breaks, shouting words of encouragement and greetings and within a few miles of the end being caught up by one of the ‘sweepers’ riding with us and ensuring that we all got home.
This event was so friendly with a real feeling of community and the highlight for everyone was the feeding station at Tetcott….what a spectacle. Every food available sweets, savouries, homemade and bought cakes and pies, hot drinks and energy powder for water bottles. The best part was that the leftovers were transported back to base as it was all to be tackled again on arrival back at the clubhouse!
The end reward was a tick on the register that we had returned in one piece and presented with a DAA pen and a car sticker….what a prize! I think the top prize must go to the HPCC for a thoroughly well executed occasion. For me as a first-timer, I will be keen to repeat next year.

from Maz Stratton