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We started out as a bunch of friends and used Facebook to help us grow.  With an initial following of about 30 riders, we affiliated with British Cycling in 2016,  and have more than doubled our membership since then.  At the moment,  the club is only open to women of 18 and over.  We currently have over 80 members.

We are a road cycling club and most of our members ride road bikes (light bikes with drop handlebars).  We do welcome members with hybrid bicycles (straight handlebars and may be heavier with more gears) in the C group, the B steadies and Monday rides as long as the pace is right.  Mountain bikes are not really suitable as they are heavy and make it hard to keep up.  Many of our current members started on hybrids, got the bug and now have lovely road bikes. 

There is a stream of second hand cycles, and other kit, passed around the club so that the cost doesn’t need to be prohibitive.  As well as running group rides, we want to be self-sufficient so we offer training sessions on bike maintenance, group cycling skills, nutrition, first aid and other topics that members request.  And there is always a club member to help out with any problems or issues you may have, from fitting a mudguard to how to avoid sore places!

Club Goals

  • Our aim is to provide a fun road-cycling club for women, catering to all abilities: from complete beginner through to the more advanced recreational cyclist.
  • We try to support and encourage one another and do our best to develop confident, enthusiastic, adept and safe road cyclists. 
  • We keep in touch with our members even when they may be off through injury or other events e.g. Covid.   We use our Facebook and Instagram pages for public communication, and Whatsapp groups and email for member only information.  Most of us use Strava to record our adventures, plan routes and support each other.
  • Special cycling events: We run or take part in special events within the club and sometimes in conjunction with other local clubs eg Club cycling trip to Mallorca, Weekends away, Tour of the lakes, TT races, Sportives
  • Social events:  Of course we don’t only ride bikes.  Every year we have some social events, some including family, such as Barbecues, Picnics and Christmas parties
  • Community:  Where we can, we try to help with community events such as Launceston Carnival.

Email: info@widgers.club

Road cycling for women of all ages and abilities with the emphasis on safety, confidence, community and fun!