Become a Widger Spoke-Easies Member

Simple steps


  • Get in touch
  • Attend an Intro Session
  • Ride with us twice before joining the club
  • Ride with us on Mondays, Thursdays and/or Saturdays
  • Help out
  • Spread the love and welcome new members


To join the Widgers for club rides, workshops and sunny cycling holidays please get in touch. We run Intro Sessions on set dates which everyone except those with pre-existing cycling club experience must attend before joining, so you need to contact us



You must ride with us twice before joining the club. We know this sounds terrifying but we guarantee a warm welcome. Club membership runs for 12 months from 1st March but you can join later in the year. Please make sure you update your personal details if they change. 


What we expect from you:

  • That you arrive with your bike in good condition, you’re punctual, and properly prepared to ride with suitable clothing, drink, spares and a helmet.
  • That you ride regularly with the club and try your best, so that you can improve and progress as a cyclist, especially if you wish to join our trips abroad.
  • You may be asked to help out with the running and growth of the club: baking cakes, booking venues, taking photos, wearing team kit at sportives, ride leading (don’t worry we will teach you) and helping us build the club’s membership and reputation.
  • There’s no denying it – cycling does involve risk.  As a club, safety is at the very top of our agenda and all our members sign up to a club code of conduct from the outset.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do we ride?

Up to three times a week usually. Happy Mondays at 10 am for about 20 miles.  Thursday summer evenings at 6pm in two groups (Quickers and Steadies) for up to 20 miles.  Our main club ride takes place on a Saturday with start times alternating between 09:30 am and 1:00 pm, though the start time may vary at different times of year.  There are usually four groups where the distance and pace varies.

Where do we ride from?

We’ve a massive catchment and we do our best to move about. That way we buy cake from lots of different businesses and we get to ride on different roads. Some of our start venues include Lifton Farm Shop, Homeleigh Garden Centre, Roadford Reservoir, The Archers Arms in Lewannick, The Eliot at Tregadillet, Tavistock, North Petherwin and Upper Tamar Lake.

What speed do we do and what are the distances?

This is a tough question because elevation affects pace and from week to week the riders and the routes vary. We do our best to get you in the right pace group so you don’t feel under pressure. The Monday group rides at 10.5-13 miles per hour for about 20 miles. Thursday evenings are usually about 20 miles and there’s a Steady group of 10-12 mph and a Quicker group of 12.5+ mph. On Saturdays our A group rides 30-45 miles at 14+mph, the B Quicks go for 30-35 miles at 12.5-14 mph and the B Steadies go at 11-12.5 mph. The C group rides up to 15 miles and there’s no set pace – it’s just about confidence and getting the hang of it. We have a no drop policy. Start conservative and everyone will be happy.

When are your mixed rides?

Thursday summer evenings are mixed and once a month we offer a mixed Saturday social. It’s usually the last Saturday of the month.

How do I order Club kit?

You need to contact the club secretary/ies if you are interested in kit. We offer jerseys, sleeveless jerseys, arm-warmers and wind vests. Our kit supplier at the moment is Primal and the online shop is opened a couple of times a year. Sometimes we have spare stock. Team kit is only available to club members.

How do I join The Widger Spoke Easies?

Simply get in touch, ride with us a couple of times and then follow this link

How much is Club Membership?

Club membership costs £16.00 per annum online and runs from 1st March for a year.

Can I ride as a Widger guest?

To join a ride you need to attend an induction first, unless you are an experienced club rider.  Of course then a couple of times is fine, and then we ask you to join the club. Please make sure you let us know if you’re coming, just in case we have a venue change or the weather stops play.

Do I need a road bike?

Not necessarily, you can use a hybrid or mountain bike so long as it has been recently serviced or it’s in good working order, if you ride with the steadier groups. But don’t be surprised to see the majority of our members on road bikes. Road bikes are lighter and more aerodynamic so it is easier to go faster. And don’t worry, we’ll teach you how to ride safely with clips when and if you’re ready.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

Yes please. Whilst it’s not a UK law for adults over 16 to wear a helmet yet, it’s compulsory in the Widgers.

What’s your policy on tri-bars?

If your roadbike has tri-bars, you can still ride with us if you are a member. But you will be asked to ride on the hoods or the drops at all times for your own safety and that of other ride participants

How do I contact The Widger Spoke Easies?

You can contact us here. If you want to chat, let us have a phone number and we will get back to you. We are also on Facebook @widgerspokeeasies and Instagram @widgerspokeeasies

Do I need to be a member of British Cycling?

British Cycling is the main national governing body for cycle sport in Great Britain. They also offer race licences, legal and liability advice for all different types of cyclists. You don’t need to be a member of British Cycling to be a member of the Widgers but if you’re planning on riding lots, we recommend that you join

I’m interested in buying a road bike-can you help?

Yes absolutely. It’s a big investment and it’s too easy to get it wrong – too heavy, too expensive, daft gearing for our hills, the wrong type or worst of all the wrong size. We can help you make a wise introductory bike purchase that suits your expectations and budget. There may even be a second-hand option available from an existing club member. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

When is the Club AGM?

The Club AGM is usually held on the first Saturday in December at 6 pm followed by our Awards Dinner and Christmas Party

What clothing do I need in to ride my bike in the Winter / Summer seasons?

In the winter, our best advice is lots of layers for warmth and bright clothes for visibility. On your upper body, go for multiple layers: a base layer or a long sleeve jersey or a short sleeve jersey with arm warmers. You might need a waterproof too. On your legs thermal bibs/tights or shorts with a chamois and leg warmers will help (note – pants under your chamois is recipe for chaffage!! Some of us wear over-shoes to keep our feet warm. If you get numb feet from the cold speak up, there are solutions. Long fingered gloves will protect your hands and keep you warm and a neck buff will keep the draughts out.
In the summer, go for a short sleeve jersey and pair it with arm warmers or wind-vest. Pair it with shorts/ bib shorts or tights and fingerless gloves.
Helmets are compulsory in our club and cycling glasses will protect your eyes from the sun and foreign objects all year round.
Lots of cycling kit is black – we champion bright clothing as far as possible, especially in the evenings and the colder, darker months. Make yourself visible.

Do I need mudguards and lights?

If you ride with the club in the evenings or the winter you need lights to be seen and to see by. Feel free to ask us or your local bike shop for help.
In the wet and in the winter, mudguards are a must – they’ll keep you dry and afford some protection to other cyclists riding in your slip stream. No one wants a face full of muck.

Where are the local bike shops?

Launceston Cycles at Pennygillam and The Little Bike Shop in South Petherwin are our closest retailers in Launceston. Other options further afield include Callington Cycles, Certini in Saltash, The Pump and Pedal at Sourton, Clive Mitchell near Truro, Wadebridge Cycles, Partridges up in Exeter and Ride IT in Bude.

Can you recommend a professional bike fitter?

The club has two professional bike fitters; Tams Mole in Launceston and Sandra Anstey near Tavistock. Many bike retailers offer a free bike sizing (this is different from a fit) and some offer professional bike fits

Do you have a swapshop or secondhand items/clothes/bikes for sale?

Yes. You can buy clothes, bikes and accessories second hand here and advertise yours on the club Whatsapp group and social media pages if you are a member

I don’t know how to mend a puncture!

Don’t worry, we’ll teach you. We hold workshops on bike maintenance, puncture repair etc throughout the year and you will inevitably get first hand experience on club rides. If you ride a bike with us you need to carry a mini-pump, a spare innertube and tyre levers. A multi-tool is also useful

What should I bring on a bike ride?

Everyone needs a drinks bottle or two, mini-pump, a pair of spare innertube and tyre levers, an emergency snack like a banana, cereal bar or sweeties. You need to dress for the weather and you must wear a helmet. Lights for the winter and evening rides and mudguards in the wet. Some cash in case we stop mid-ride for coffee and cake and a mobile number. Most of us also carry some kind of ID on our person in case something goes wrong. Warm clothes for afterwards.

Social Media

We have a busy and unlegislated Whatsapp group for club members (please keep it cycling oriented) and we use Instagram and Facebook

Café Stops

In order to ride different routes, we rely on the goodwill of lots of different pubs and cafes as start venues. Please settle up your bills, follow parking instructions and be polite because our group kit stands out! Also – please keep gloves and helmets off the tabletops


We organise mixed rides on the last Saturday of the month and our summer Thursday evening rides are also mixed. Feel free to bring your partner or friends along as a guest. It’s a great opportunity to ride with the chaps on our terms and build bridges with neighbouring cycling clubs. Once they’ve ridden with us they spread the word about the Widgers and it’s a winning formula.

Cycling Weekend with chaps


The Widgers started out as a group of friends riding on Saturdays and eating cake. None of us owned road-bikes. With a bit of training from British Cycling, lots of enthusiasm and hard work, numbers grew and our revolution gathered momentum. We affiliated with British Cycling in 2013.There are very few all women cycling clubs in the UK.

This is no ordinary cycling club. We don’t really do things the way more established mixed clubs do; but we do have a reputation for well organised fun, a welcoming atmosphere and developing female cyclists.


Road cycling for women of all ages and abilities with the emphasis on safety, confidence, community and fun!