Nicola Tilsley

Chair and Head of the Go-Fast Squad

I’m Nic Tilsley (aka Norbert). I started road cycling in the spring of 2017 (trying hard to keep up with my husband) and I very quickly became obsessed! I joined the lovely ladies of the Widgers later that summer and it turned out to be one of my best ever decisions. Without doubt the club has helped my cycling journey and so far, I’ve ridden my first 100 miles, entered Sportives and time trials, cycled up mountains and learnt to ride in a peloton. When I’m not cycling, I can be found getting mucky with my horse and pursuing other country pursuits.

Tams Mole

Founder and Lunatic

I’m the founder of the Widgers and notoriously barking mad. I started cycling in 2012 because I was diagnosed with a lifelong lung condition and I needed a sport that was sustainable. Then I realised that there was a massive difference in the number of men and women riding bikes in the UK and I decided that I couldn’t be the only one who wanted to ride road bikes for fun. I set up the Widgers in 2013. There is no greater satisfaction in life than helping others. The Widgers inspire me, they motivate me, they make me laugh and they have made me cry on many occasions. For all the right reasons.
This club has grown into the most amazing, supportive, friendly community with a great reputation. I’m super proud, humbled and grateful on a daily basis. May there be sunshine, laughter and bicycles long into the future. Long live the Widgers!

Linda Millward

I started out as a runner and never thought I would ride a road bike. I had commuted to work on an old mountain bike but that just convinced me cycling wasn’t for me. However after entering Ride London and unexpectedly getting a place, I thought I would have to give it a go. I have now been riding for almost five years and may even enjoy cycling more than running.

In December 2019 I moved to Tavistock from Bristol, so still finding my way around the area and trying to appreciate the challenging terrain. I am fairly new to the Widgers having joined in September 2020 and found the club to be welcoming, enthusiastic and supportive. I still have much to learn and I am looking forward to doing that with the Widgers. Hope to see you on a ride soon.

Diana Towers

Health and Safety

I’m Diana and I plan the club ride schedule, support our volunteer ride leaders and look out for safety in our club. I am one of a growing number of retired ladies in the club and can be found riding with the Happy Monday’s and B steadies.

Tracey Bryant

I have loved cycling for as long as I can remember. I can even remember having a tricycle when I was really tiny & practising reversing it into small spaces. I cycled for fun, to school & down to my local recreation ground. I lived in Bristol when I was 17 & cycled to work once I’d finished my A levels. I’m not sure I’d do it now! I was also a member of the CTC at that time. My cycling then took a bit of a back seat whilst I had a career & raised a family. Eight years ago I took to cycling again & have never looked back. I love being part of the Widgers. We have fun & share a common interest. I’m the clubs treasurer as I want to do my bit to help the club. I have made many friends & had so much fun. It’s great when new members join & the club continues to grow. Despite being based in Honiton most of the time I still want to be part of the club & look forward to riding with my existing club mates & all future members.

Frances Perkin

I am really a racquet player – well, any game that involves hitting things – but sadly my arthritic joints stopped me playing. When I couldn’t walk much I thought I’d try cycling and after my first hip replacement I joined the Widgers. I’ve never looked back! Although I live quite a long way from Launceston, the drive to join in is well worth it. The routes are varied, as are the cafes, and in areas that I enjoy exploring. We have enjoyed some amazing trips abroad. We are all so different but we all have one thing in common; we love riding our bikes together for fun, support, exercise and excitement.

Brie Sobey

Tango Down

I’m Brie, Queen of cheesy innuendo and lover of midget gems! I’m usually found leading steady B or C rides which tend to be more risqué then risky! I have a penchant for photos in telephone boxes which tend to raise the odd eyebrow or two – usually mine!

Merwyn Quick

Zwift and indoor training ambassador

I’m best known in the club as Megga or Merwinator. I’ve been part of The Widgers since 2014 when I met Tams after popping into my gym to advertise for her new cycle club. I didn’t really cycle seriously before that and only rode with my husband and struggled to keep up. I’ve come from a Martial Arts background, following on into Crossfit and now triathlon. I’m also a qualified Personal Trainer and Triathlon Coach.

I’ve always been into fitness, and cycling with the widgers has opened up a new world of sportives and time trials, which compliment my triathlon training. You will often find me leading the A and B+ groups, usually singing up hills and chasing Strava segments. I’ve met some great friends within the club and had some awesome holidays with them too.


Road cycling for women of all ages and abilities with the emphasis on safety, confidence, community and fun!