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It’s that time again – we are planning the club trip to Mallorca for next March. The best dates seem to be Sunday 17th to Sunday 24th March. The flights on the Sundays are similar prices to the midweek ones this time, and this period just falls before the school holidays start. Of course you can have the flexibility of choosing a shorter stay or one overlapping if you prefer. As in previous years, I will arrange the hotel booking in order to get the club discount, but you will be responsible for your own flights and travel to and from Bristol airport. A preliminary deposit of 10% on the room will be payable in September. I am attaching a sheet for you to enter your details. The second tab shows the room costs for the various room types and dates. Understandably, the prices have gone up a bit. You can see the room details on the web site at

Do bear in mind the other costs, which probably will have all increased as well – transfer to the hotel in Mallorca, bike hire, insurance etc. If you have any questions just message me privately, or on the trip group or forum.To check the costs of bike hire look here We will arrange that nearer the time, but you can see here the range available and the cost. It might increase a little in the spring.

Here is the link to the sheet for signing up

Please sign up by the end of October if you would like to come. Ask any questions below or pm me.