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    Tamasine CorneyTamasine Corney

    There’s a bit of planning to be done reference the Okey 10 Time Trial series starting next week and we need a couple of volunteer/s from the club floor to help out. It will best suit people who plan to be there as consistently as they can to share the job. It doesnt matter if you are riding or cheering. This is a good opportunity to put back into the club.

    1) A List of Participants needs to be submitted to Matt Tupman (it was Josh last year but Matt now I/C) the night prior or on the morning of the TT.

    2) An indication to him of rider pace as this determines Start Order with the steadiest going first up to quickest going later.

    3) A recording of participants from our club for stats, and confirmation for Tracey Bryant our treasurer, as to who is a first time and second time entrant who has NEVER before raced in a paid for Time Trial, because the club will subsidise your entry a maximum of twice.


    So we need our volunteer/s to pay cash on race night and then submit the spreadsheet attached to get reimbursed.

    And we need you to fill in the spreadsheet if you are racing. Please make sure you differentiate between a road bike and a TT set up (eg tt bikes or aero bars and u are entered in a different category).

    If u can take this job on, please can you contact Tams direct, and I’ll send you the spreadsheet that needs circulating and filling in by participants (pink columns) and yourself/selves (blue column).

    Thank you.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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