The passion for cycling across the club is universal: everyone is friendly, encouraging and full of laughter. I’m enjoying the group rides and the camaraderie. It has challenged me to ride through the winter, attempt some DIY bike maintenance and mechanics and to embark on my own cycling story!

Mandy M

I wanted to join a female club – to ride with women who would truly support everyone. There are those that ride at the sharp end – the fast ones, the amazing hill climbers and there are also those who have just started out – equally amazing in their determination to get on a bike. I love the inclusivity of the Widgers; everyone is welcome.

Anna G

Wow, being a Widger what fun that is! It got me back into cycling and now I cycle for my health and well-being, for fun and to be sociable. I love group riding because it’s team-work at its best. The amazing holidays to Majorca and France are just some of the great things that I’ve had the opportunity to do with the club. Being a Widger is just great!

Chrissie W

My debut bike ride with the Widgers was on a heavy and cumbersome mountain bike. I found an inspirational bunch of women who supported and encouraged me all the way round. Since then I have had guidance in purchasing a road bike, completing my very first Sportive and going on holiday to Brittany with my bike and the club. In 2019 I was injured for a good part of the summer and in during those dark miserable days, the Widgers made sure I was still included in their social events. It’s a brilliant group made all the better for a little bit of naughtiness.

Helen M

I have transformed from a nervous, hybrid cyclist to a more confident, racer wannabee and now I’m eagerly eyeing up Strava segments. The Widgers are a brilliant fun bunch of women to cycle with and there’s a massive range of ability.

Kate G

I wasn’t sure a road bike was for me, but i was wrong! I love the Widgers. And what a brilliant bunch of women I now ride with. I have learnt so much, had some fantastic and well organised bike rides in great company. The various rides through the week are great as there is one to suit everyone and the off bike workshops have been very informative. Rich and I enjoy the mixed rides too.

Belinda D

I was quite nervous on my first Widger ride as although I had cycled before, I had never been part of a cycling club or cycled in a large group. Cycling with an amazing bunch of women of ALL ages has been brilliant and as well as taking part in weekly Saturday club rides, I have ridden in sportives and started leading club rides. I am fitter now than I was10 years ago and I can definitely cycle longer, faster and harder. Cycling is definitely a sport for women of all ages and being on the far side of 50 (like myself) should not put any woman off from giving the Widgers a go.

Rebecca S

I started cycling in 2012 doing the 4 mile commute to work on an old mountain bike, after several years of no exercise I was super proud of my commute. 12 months later I’d entered my first 60 miler sportive and I cycled with a group of chaps in Bude. Then I heard about the Widgers and signed up. When the weather is pants, a bunch of happy friends and some group motivation gets you out. I’ve enjoyed seeing so many less confident riders come and join the club and develop into confident, competent cyclists.

Lorna W


Road cycling for women of all ages and abilities with the emphasis on safety, confidence, community and fun!